Hackett, Lisa J

University of New England

Lisa J Hackett is a lecturer at the University of New England, Armidale NSW. Her research interests included popular and material culture, particular pertaining to clothing and uniform, with an emphasis on crime, gender and political representations. She is the founder, alongside Associate Professor Jo Coghlan and Mr Huw Nolan of PopCRN – the Popular Culture Research Network. She is currently working on the women pilot’s uniforms in the Second World War and fashion in crime. Her most recent publication is ‘The Mad Kings of The Royals: Fashioning transgressions in royal popular culture television’ with Jo Coghlan was published in Film Fashion and Consumption 2022 and she is currently guest-editing (with Jo Coghlan and Huw Nolan the International Journal of James Bond Studies).


  • Editorial
    The word ‘uniform’ can be a noun, adjective, or verb. As a noun it relates to prescribed dress, often in occupational settings. As an adjective it relates the sameness between objects and thoughts. As a verb it means to make the same. Underlying each grammatical usage is the concept sameness, to align thoughts, ideas, and physicality. In society where heightened individualism is a key...Read more
  • Feature
    Why do politicians wear what they wear? Social conventions and parliamentary rules largely shape how politicians dress. Clothing is about power, especially if we think about clothing as uniforms. Uniforms of judges and police are easily recognised as symbols of power. Similarly, the business suit of a politician is recognised as a form of authority. But what if you are a female politician:...Read more