Kay, Louise

The University of Sheffield
United Kingdom

Dr Louise Kay is a Lecturer in the School of Education at the University of Sheffield. Her research focuses on curricular and assessment policy frameworks in Early Childhood Education, and the impact that these have on teachers, children and parents. Further interests include STEAM education in Eary Childhood Education, play, pedagogy, workforce professionalism, and policy analysis.


  • Editorial
    Children's engagement with blocks is a vital and joyful aspect of childhood shared across the world. While the physical manipulation of blocks is a core part of children's development (i.e., LEGO), there are also online platforms and apps available that provide virtual play experiences with blocks (i.e., digital building apps, virtual worlds). The open-ended nature of block play allows...Read more
  • Editorial
    Toys: quintessentially the objects of childhood, their role in culture is anything but child’s play. Toys offer a site for young children to learn anything and everything from the commodification of time, through gendered and racial positioning of subjectivities (or the subversion of these positionings), through to social expectations around reading, sharing, and relative wealth and access....Read more