Ryan, Louise

Louise Ryan is a doctoral candidate at the Centre for Cultural research, University of Western Sydney. She has been an art educator for nearly thirty years and completed her Masters of Art Education (Honours) in 2007 in the area of museum studies, specifically educational philanthropy, Australian art and cultural development. Louise is currently investigating the museum as a contested space with particular reference to the capacity of art displays to promote cross-cultural understanding between Muslim and non-Muslim communities, exploring notions of nation, Islamic identity and citizenship. She has regularly presented at national and international conferences and has published journal articles on these topics.


  • Editorial
    This issue of M/C Journal explores the notion of "impact" and the capacity of contemporary research work to influence not only academia but the direction of current debates in the public sphere surrounding social, political and cultural agendas. The nine papers selected cover a broad range of topics: experimental research methodologies which confront the problem of 'measuring'...Read more