Heemsbergen, Luke J

Deakin University

Luke Heemsbergen is an ECR at Deakin University researching and teaching the politics of digital communications. His work focuses on how new technologies make new types of politics visible, and what we're to do about it. This frame of media, technology, and society studies has led to research that spread across WikiLeaks, 3D Printing, and Augmented Reality and has been featured in numerous internaitonal journals and in the popular press (ABC, AFR, NYT, The Age, Wired, etc.). His first Book Radical Transparency is being published by Emerald in 2021.


  • Editorial
    This issue of M/C Journal rejects the association of darkness with immorality. In digital communication, the possibilities of darkness are greater than simple fears of what is hidden in online networks. Instead, new work in an emerging field of “dark social” studies’ consider “dark” as holding the potential for autonomy away from the digital visibilities that pervade economic,...Read more
  • Articles
    Introduction This article situates the dark as a liminal and creative space of experimentation where tensions are generative and people tinker with emerging technologies to create alternative futures. Darkness need not mean chaos and fear of violence – it can mean privacy and protection. We define dark as an experimental space based upon uncertainties rather than...Read more