Lim, Merlyna

Carleton University
Merlyna Lim is Canada Research Chair in Digital Media and Global Network Society at the Carleton University. Her research and publications revolve around socio-political implications of media and technology, in relations to inequity/inequality, in/justice, and societal changes. Using empirical evidence from the Global Souths, Lim’s current research attempts to explore and analyze digitization, datafication, and algorithmization processes in diverse contexts, and the implication of these processes in politics.


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    Introduction Is there any connection between coronavirus and 5G technology? Is Bill Gates the actor behind the pandemic? Is Covid-19 a hoax? For each question, there are self-claimed online experts whose answer is yes. The 5G theory, claiming that the coronavirus outbreak was caused by 5G (fifth-generation broadband technology) electronic radiation, is among the most popular...Read more