Fracentese, Michael

Independent scholar
United States

Michael Fracentese is an independent scholar interested in the portrayal and practice of bisexual identities in media and on platforms such as TikTok, and in digital social science more broadly. He has previously been published in the Journal of Bisexuality with Collin, with whom he is also working on a more expansive analysis of how the “Ayo, bisexual check” TikToks work to prescribe and describe a particular bi identity.


  • Articles
    Introduction A 2021 listicle pronouncing “10 Things That Are Bisexual Culture” concludes that “claiming that random things are ‘bi culture’ is the most bi-culture thing of all” (Wilber n.p.). While posed as tongue-in-cheek, the assignment of status as a signifier of bisexuality to seemingly arbitrary actions and items reinforces the notion that bi people seek a...Read more