Winarnita, Monika

Deakin University

Dr Monika Winarnita is a Lecturer and Academic Affiliate of the Alfred Deakin Institute of Citizenship and Globalisation Australia and is Member of the Board for the Asian Australian Studies Research Network. Her research focuses on gender, migration and (digital) cultural performances. She has published extensively in Asian Studies, Anthropology and Cultural Studies journals.


  • Editorial
    Walk, walk, fashion babyWork it, move that b***h crazy — Lady Gaga, “Bad Romance”  There's a brand new dance but I don't know its nameThat people from bad homes do again and againIt's big and it's bland, full of tension and fearThey do it over there but we don't do it hereFashion! Turn to the leftFashion! Turn...Read more
  • Feature
    Introduction Since at least the work of van Gennep in the early 1900s, anthropologists have recognised that borders and thresholds are crucial in understanding human behavior and culture. But particularly in the past few decades, the study of borders has moved from the margins of social inquiry to the centre. At the same time, fashion (Entwistle), including clothing and skin...Read more