Radywyl, Natalia

University of Melbourne

Natalia Radywyl is an Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne, and has completed projects in the areas of curating, theatre and visual media. Her research draws together ethnography, cultural theory and policy analysis to examine new forms of cultural governance. She is currently in Kyiv documenting the cultural advocacy role of Ukraine’s emerging third sector (radywyln@unimelb.edu.au)


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    Drift: An IntroductionEntering into Drift is akin to entering—or becoming ensnared by—a hum. Projected across one wall, the work uses abstract visual forms to draw visitors into its meditational folds. Quadraphonic sound circulates in smooth, heavy pulses, like the steady rumble of a train running over deep-set tracks. A succession of vibrating lines occupy the...Read more
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    A Site for the Study of Ambience Deep in Melbourne’s subterranean belly lies a long, dark space dedicated to screen-based art. Built along disused train platforms, it’s even possible to hear the ghostly rumblings and clatter of trains passing alongside the length of the gallery on quiet days. Upon descending the single staircase leading into this...Read more