Latter, Natalie

Curtin University

Natalie Latter is a Research Assistant in the Department of Internet Studies at Curtin University where she has participated in research projects investigating a variety of ways people with disabilities use digital technology, including digital television, video on demand, and captioned lectures in higher education. Natalie’s research focuses on complex ethical challenges within a human rights framework. Her PhD argues for action on climate change which balances intergenerational and global needs, and she has extensive experience teaching in global governance, the politics of the European Union, environmental politics and public policy.


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    While the television cooking genre has evolved in numerous ways to withstand competition and become a constant feature in television programming (Collins and College), it has been argued that audience demand for televisual cooking has always been high because of the daily importance of cooking (Hamada, “Multimedia Integration”). Early cooking shows were characterised by an instructional...Read more