Watkins, Patti Lou

Oregon State University
United States

Patti Lou Watkins is a clinical psychologist and Associate Professor at Oregon State University where she developed and teaches Women, Weight, & Body Image and Fat Studies. Both courses present weight bias as a system of oppression that intersects with oppression based on other areas of difference and introduce students to the Health At Every Size® (HAES) paradigm as an alternative to weight-centered models of health. Recent publications include articles on fat pedagogy and HAES-based interventions.


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    “I’m fat–and it’s okay! It doesn’t mean I’m stupid, or ugly, or lazy, or selfish. I’m fat!” so proclaims Joy Nash in her YouTube video, A Fat Rant. “Fat! It’s three little letters–what are you afraid of?!” This is the question I pose to my class on day one of Fat Studies. Sadly, many college students do fear fat, and negative attitudes toward fat people are quite prevalent in this...Read more