Ponzanesi, Sandra

Utrecht University
Sandra Ponzanesi is Associate Professor in Gender and Postcolonial Critique at Utrecht University (NL) in the Department of Media and Culture Studies/Graduate Gender Programme. She has published on postcolonial critique, transnational feminist theories, Italian colonial history, visual culture, and postcolonial cinema. Among her publications are Paradoxes of Postcolonial Culture: Contemporary Women’s Writing of the Indian and Afro-Italian Diaspora (2004), Migrant Cartographies New Cultural and Literary Spaces in Postcolonial Europe (2005) with Daniela Merolla, and Postcolonial Cinema Studies (forthcoming) with Marguerite Waller. She has recently guest-edited a special issue on “Postcolonial Europe: Transcultural and Multidisciplinary Perspectives,” with Bolette Blaagaard, for Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture (2011).


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