Graham Davies, Sharyn

Monash University

Assoc. Prof. Sharyn Graham Davies is Director of the Herb Feith Indonesia Engagement Centre at Monash University. Sharyn has held visiting fellowships at Cambridge, Yale, Sydney, Peking and Airlangga universities, and been awarded Fulbright, Leverhulme and Marsden funding. Sharyn is recognised as an expert in the field of Indonesian Studies and for contributions to the study of gender, sexuality, policing and moral surveillance.


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    Introduction Since at least the work of van Gennep in the early 1900s, anthropologists have recognised that borders and thresholds are crucial in understanding human behavior and culture. But particularly in the past few decades, the study of borders has moved from the margins of social inquiry to the centre. At the same time, fashion (Entwistle), including clothing and skin...Read more