Wilson, Shaun

RMIT University

Dr Shaun Wilson is an artist, film maker, curator and academic working across interdisciplinary approaches of metamodernism in contemporary art. He has published and exhibited widely over the past 30 years through long term, on going projects  and is currently an adjunct professor of art and film at Bakers Road Entertainment and a senior lecturer in digital media at the school of design RMIT University. He is currently working on his second PhD at Flinders University addressing metamodern affect in slow cinema.


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    In February 2021, during the third COVID-19 lockdown in the state of Victoria, Australia, artist Shaun Wilson used the teleconferencing platforms Teams and Skype to create a slow cinema feature length artwork titled Fading Light to demonstrate how innovative creative practice can overcome barriers of distance experienced by creative practitioners from the limitations sustained...Read more
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    Introduction The proliferation of non-fungible tokens has transformed cryptocurrency artefacts into a legitimised art form now considered in mainstream art collecting as an emerging high-yield commodity based on scarcity. As photography was debated “of being art” in the late 19th century, video art in the 1960s, virtual reality in the 1990s, and augmented reality in the 2010s, NFT...Read more
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    Introduction Magic has a long and controversial history grafted through the occult, entertainment, and cultural mythology. Its agency, when thought of as a mechanism of storytelling, reconciles an oscillation between natural and unnatural phenomena in as much as magic has historically been weaponised against “society’s most marginal members” (Marshall). Yet there is no substantial...Read more