Dwyer, Simon

Simon Dwyer has over twenty-five years of experience working in many technical and production roles in the entertainment industry across Australia and New Zealand. He is currently a doctoral candidate at Central Queensland University examining the theatricality of the lighting of the Sydney Opera House. Simon has presented original research in the creative industries at numerous conferences and has written on a wide range of topics including architecture, education, facilities management, literature and the performing arts.     


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    IntroductionThe Sydney Opera House is Australia’s, if not the world’s, most recognisable building. It is universally recognised as an architectural icon and as a masterpiece of the built environment, which has captured the imagination of many (Commonwealth of Australia  4). The construction of the Sydney...Read more
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    To re-imagine can, at one extreme, be a casual thought (what if I moved all the furniture in the living room?) and, at the other, re-imagining can be a complex process (what if I adapt a classic text into a major film?).  There is a long history of working with the ideas of others and of re-working our own ideas. Of taking a...Read more
  • Editorial
    Rowan Moore, in his work Why We Build: Power and Desire in Architecture, notes that “most people know that buildings are not purely functional, that there is an intangible something about them that has to do with emotion” (16). Emotion is critical to why and how we build. Indeed, there is a basic human desire to build—to leave a mark on the landscape or...Read more
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    The experiences of regional Australia are unique. This issue of M/C Journal solidifies some of the understandings of the experiences of living, working, creating, researching or thinking in, or through, regional Australia. Our work explores regional cultural constructions of these places, spaces, and identities, as well as of the communities that breathe...Read more