Strungaru, Simona

University of New England

Simona Strungaru is a Doctoral Candidate in Sociology at the Department of Social and Philosophical Inquiry at the University of New England, Australia. Her thesis critically explores the prevalence of sexual exploitation and abuse within UN peacekeeping through a power elite framework. Simona is broadly interested in human rights and children’s rights, international law, and Middle Eastern studies, however, she also shares a love of film and popular culture which allows her the opportunity to engage in expansive and interesting research spaces.


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    When we think of United Nations (UN) peacekeepers, the first image that is conjured in our mind is of an individual sporting a blue helmet or a blue beret (fig. 1). While simple and uncomplicated, these blue accessories represent an expression and an embodiment resembling that of a warrior, sent to bring peace to conflict-torn communities. UN peacekeeping first conceptually emerged in 1948...Read more