Collins, Steve

Department of Media, Macquarie University

I am a lecturer in the Department of Media, Macquarie University where I teach multimedia theory and production. I also have a strong background in lecturing various aspects of law.

My research interests include the impact of copyright law on new media technologies (and vice versa), fan fiction, film and music sampling; digital rights management; death of the CD; the fair use doctrine; discourses surrounding intellectual property theory; Music 2.0; free cultures.

I am currently researching Music 2.0 and also the role of fairness in contemporary digital issues involving appropriation and copyright. 


  • Articles
    IntroductionThe Internet (especially in the so-called Web 2.0 phase), digital media and file-sharing networks have thrust copyright law under public scrutiny, provoking discourses questioning what is fair in the digital age. Accessible hardware and software has led to prosumerism – creativity blending media consumption with media production to create new works that are...Read more