Bond, Sue

Central Queensland University

I am a doctoral candidate in creative writing at Central Queensland University. My research centres around adoptee memoir, particularly the life writing of late discovery adoptees. I have had short stories, reviews, and articles published in print and online journals and was book reviews editor for M/C Reviews between October 2009 and June 2011. I have degrees in medicine, literature, and creative writing, and my essay "A hole in the heart: on secrets, silence, and sorrow" was longlisted for the 2014 Calibre Essay Prize.




  • Articles
    There have been a number of Australian memoirs written by adoptees over the last twenty years—Robert Dessaix’s A Mother’s Disgrace, Suzanne Chick’s Searching for Charmian, Tom Frame’s Binding Ties:An Experience of Adoption and Reunion in Australia, for example—as well as international adoptee narratives by Betty Jean Lifton, Florence Fisher, and A. M. Homes amongst...Read more
  • Artistic
    Teichman notes in her study of illegitimacy that “the point of the legitimate/illegitimate distinction is not to cause suffering; rather, it has to do with certain widespread human aims connected with the regulation of sexual activities and of population” (4). She also writes that, until relatively recently, “the shame of being an unmarried mother was the worst possible shame a woman could...Read more