Cinque, Toija

Deakin University

Toija Cinque is Senior Lecturer in Communication (Digital Media) in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University.Cinque researches and applies digital technologies including playful learning applications and experiences that address real world problems from digital literacies, privacy and surveillance, to science communication. Published works include: Changing Media Landscapes: Visual Networking(OUP, 2015); Materializing Digital Futures: Touch, Movement, Sound and Vision (Bloomsbury, forthcoming) and Digital Media Ecologies(Routledge, forthcoming).


  • Articles
    Introduction This article is a study in anxiety with regard to social online spaces (SOS) conceived of as dark. There are two possible ways to define ‘dark’ in this context. The first is that communication is dark because it either has limited distribution, is not open to all users (closed groups are a case example) or hidden. The second...Read more
  • Editorial
    This issue of M/C Journal rejects the association of darkness with immorality. In digital communication, the possibilities of darkness are greater than simple fears of what is hidden in online networks. Instead, new work in an emerging field of “dark social” studies’ consider “dark” as holding the potential for autonomy away from the digital visibilities that pervade economic,...Read more