Wain, Veronica

Griffith University

Veronica is a PhD candidate in Film and Television at Griffith University’s Queensland College of Arts and is currently employed as a sessional academic at the Queensland University of Technology. Her first short film, The Creek screened on SBS. Since then she has written and/or produced several short films that have screened nationally and internationally. Her last short Car Pool (directed by Martha Goddard, written by Stephen Irwin) won Best Comedy at the St Kilda Film Festival in 2007. Whilst she has a great love for filmmaking, her greatest passion is her family. She developed a keen interest in disability studies when her youngest daughter was born with a rare genetic condition in 1995.


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    The autobiographical documentary film “18q – a valuable life”, is one attempt to redefine the place of disability in contemporary western society. My work presents some key moments in my life and that of my family since the birth of my youngest child, Allycia in 1995. Allycia was born with a rare genetic condition affecting the 18th chromosome resulting in her experiencing the world somewhat...Read more