Connor, Will

Texas A&M University
United States

Dr William Connor is an ethnomusicologist, percussionist, instrument maker, and composer currently teaching in the School of Performance, Visualization, and Fine Arts at Texas A&M University, College Station, TX. His research focuses primarily on the interactions between musical instrument construction and cultural, social, and historical entanglements. Connor has worked with Tlingit shamans, Tibetan pop and rock musicians, Neo-Medievalist Goth and heavy metal artists, and Czech folk musicians, along with the makers of the instruments they play; and is currently engaged in a long-term creative and academic research project involving sonic exploration, creating new instruments, and composing and performing Lovecraftian Futurist works.


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    In the late 2010s, I owned and operated a bespoke drum-building company, and during that time, I was commissioned to build a frame drum by the partner of a musician who was also a magic practitioner. The commission was fitting despite my business not being related to magic or Paganism directly. I have been working with drum construction in all of my research projects during my academic...Read more