Brandellero, Amanda, Lecturer/researcher Centre for Urban Studies Department of GPIO University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Brandt, Marisa Renee, UCSD Dept of Communication and Science Studies Program
Breen, Sally, Griffith University
Brennan, Claire, James Cook University (Australia)
Brennan, Joseph, The University of Sydney
Brennan-Horley, Chris, University of Wollongong
Brien, Donna Lee, Central Queensland University (Australia)
Brien, Donna Lee, CQ (Central Queensland) University
Brien, Donna Lee, CQ (Central Queensland) University, Australia
Brien, Donna Lee, CQUniversity, Australia
Brien, Donna Lee, Central Queensland University, Australia
Brockington, Roy (United Kingdom)
Broderick, Mick, Murdoch University (Australia)
Brooks, Jodi, University of New South Wales
Brown, Adam, Deakin University
Brown, Cynthia S, Tennessee Tech University (United States)
Brown, Malcolm David, School of Humanities and Communication, Faculty of Arts, University of Southern Queensland (Australia)
Bruner, Michael Stephen, Humboldt State University (United States)
Bruns, Axel, Queensland University of Technology (Australia)
Bruns, Axel, ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (Australia)
Burford, James, Thammasat University (Thailand)