Pace, Steven, Central Queensland University (Australia)
Page, John, School of Law & Justice, Southern Cross University
Pajka-West, Sharon, Gallaudet University (United States)
Pantelich, Melania, Federation University Australia (Australia)
Pardy, Maree, University of Melbourne
Parnell, Claire, University of Melbourne (Australia)
Parsemain, Ava Laure, The University of New South Wales
Parsons, Julie, Plymouth University (United Kingdom)
Parsons, Julie M, Plymouth University
Patterson, Annette, QUT (Australia)
Pausé, Cat, Massey University
Pausé, Cat, Massey University (New Zealand)
Pavlidis, Adele, Griffith University (Australia)
Pearce, Lynne, Lancaster University (United Kingdom)
Peaty, Gwyneth, Curtin University (Australia)
Peaty, Gwyneth, Curtin University
Pedersen, Isabel, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Canada)
Peeters, Stijn, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Pender, Anne, University of New England (Australia)
Pendleton, Mark, The University of Sheffield (United Kingdom)
Peoples, Sharon Margaret, The Australian National University (Australia)
Pepperell, Nicole, RMIT University
Petersen, Anne Helen, University of Texas at Austin (United States)