Freedom Poems

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Takara, K. W. (2006). Freedom Poems. M/C Journal, 9(4).
Vol. 9 No. 4 (2006): 'free'
Published 2006-09-01

Angela Davis

I heard Angela was coming
to Honolulu
Black History Month
people still struggling
El Niño season
Afghanistan, Pakistan
Iraq, Iran,
red alert
people hurt
in prison
still around.

I heard Angela was coming
to Honolulu
a real event
like Miles & his red trumpet
Sweet Honey in the Rock
even Maya Angelou
conflict & transformations.

People fear real events
like indigenous struggles
while all around
the stock market bucking
like an angry bull
affirmative action
slipping away
ebonics a clever diversion
while real events are shadowed.

I heard we were connected
mutual friends
I dreamed she came again to Hawaii
before her dreads
we walked together
on the beach at Kualoa.
After the Marin County, George Jackson
She came before
when she still wore an Afro
fitted jeans
high black pumps
talking revolutionising thought.

I heard she would be visiting
So folk over here be working real hard
to raise the fees
and share some soulful aloha.

And so I hope the vine is pumping
and Angela is coming
to share a space in time.

Mumia Abu Jamal
Knight for Justice

Knight of Justice,
Political prisoner.

We watch your tragic drama
like waiting for a tsunami
generated by the quake of your daring
to challenge
like a race of people
pounding at the black cliffs
on a group of volcanic islands
in the Pacific.
The spirit of the wind
     hoodoos the trees—
                      Transcendent revenge.

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Kathryn Waddell Takara